About us

Created in 2003, LAZONA’s intention has always been to develop projects of all genres, both commercially fruitful and of cultural or artistic importance. This means a combination of consolidated talent with emerging talent.

In theatre, The other side of the bed performs for the first time in 2004, a play based on the successful same-titled film, scripted by Roberto Santiago and under the direction of Josep María Mestres. After the success in Spain, there have been two adaptations for Italy and France. This play is followed by works like Gá-Gá, Baraka, J’arrive, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cyrano de Bergerac, Stones in the Pockets, Glengarry Glen Ross, Tartuffe, Youkali, Are you there?, Wonderful Days, The Maids or Babel, becoming a production model in Spain. With a history of over twenty-five productions, it is currently showing Toc Toc at Teatro Príncipe of Madrid, with a version in Catalonian at Teatre Borrás in Barcelona and it is also touring Manual of the Good Wife and Little Riding Hood.

In cinema, LAZONA’s first feature film Contestant premieres in 2007 directed by Rodrigo Cortés and starring Leonardo Sbaraglia. The same year it launches Days of Cinema in collaboration with Telespan, coproducing again with them the film One more hour in Canarias in 2010, both films directed by David Serrano.

With the director Roberto Santiago, it produces two comedies: At the End of the Road (2009) starring Fernando Tejero and Malena Alterio and Are you there? (2011) starring Gorka Otxoa and Miren Ibarguren.

Also in 2011, it premieres two thrillers: 23-F, directed by Chema de la Peña and No rest for the wicked, the last film by Enrique Urbizu which earned numerous awards, among which 6 Goyas including best film, best director and best leading actor.”

In 2013 Lazona produces Ocho Apellidos Vascos for Telecinco Cinema with the colaboration of ETB and CANAL+, quickly becoming when in premieres the 14th of March 2014 the best opening of a Spanish film since “The Impossible” and the best opening of a Spanish comedy from an original concept.

In April 2015 it co-produces with Argentina “Easy Sex, Sad Films”, feature film debut of Alejo Flah. In November 2015 it premieres “Spanish Affair 2”, also directed by Emilio Martinez-Lazaro sequel of “Spanish Affair”, reaching more than 5 million viewers.

In October 2015, it shoots “Runaway”, a thriller directed by Iñaki Dorronsoro and starring Luis Tosar, Javier Gutierrez, Alain Hernandez and Alba Galocha, a film for AtresMedia Cine to be released in the Fall of 2016, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Intl Spain.