Written in a process shared between the director, Alfredo Sanzol, and the actors, this play tells the comedy tinted story of a separated woman who is trying to get her self-esteem back in order to redo her life. She knits herself a net of family and affective relationships that will help her find a new balance.

Coproduction between LAZONA and TEATRO DE LA ABADÍA.


Verónica Forqué
José Ramón Iglesias
Nuria Mencía
Pietro Olivera
Martiño Rivas
Camila Viyuela


Text and direction: Alfredo Sanzol
Music: Fernando Velázquez
Songs lyrics: Alfredo Sanzol
Scenography and Costume design: Alejandro Andújar
Illumination Design: Pedro Yagüe
Photography: Javier Naval
Assistant Director: Laura Galán
Production assistant: Sara Brogueras
Executive Production: Jair Souza-Ferreira
Technical Director: Alfonso Ramos
Direction Manager: Miguel Cuerdo




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