The Guerrero family - Abraham, Daniel, Tomás, and Clemente - lead the drug business in Spain while running a prestigious antique shop in Madrid. Mafia, drugs, and police hunts in the gypsy neighborhoods on the outskirts of a Spanish city.

The day Daniel Guerrero is released from prison, he only knows one thing: he must regain control of the family business for which he has spent 9 years behind bars. To do so, he must confront his middle brother who has taken the reins in his absence and rescue his younger brother who has disappeared into a spiral of drugs and self-destructive fights. What he doesn't know is that the police are watching him closely and that each of his moves endangers everything he wants. While the police try to dismantle the business and their rivals try to destroy them, the brothers will have to decide whether to fight each other for power or unite to defend the survival of the family.

José Coronado
Daniel Grao
Isak Férriz
Carlos Librado “Nene”
Yolanda Torosio
Sofía Oria
Elisabet Gelabert
Juana Acosta
Xenia Tostado
Daniel Holguín
Roberto Enríquez
Antonio Dechent
José Manuel Poga
Manolo Caro
Óscar Higares

Directors: Enrique Urbizu, Jorge Dorado
Writers: Miguel Barros, Michel Gaztambide
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson
Producers: Movistar+
Director of Photography: Unax Mendia
Art Director: Manuel Ludeña
Sound: Licio Marcos de Oliveira
Costume Designer: Patricia Monné
Music: Mario de Benito