Psychiatric Prison Monte Baruca. It's December 24th and it's starting to get dark. A group of armed men surround the complex and cut off communication with the outside world. Their objective: to take Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), a dangerous serial killer. If the guards hand him over, the assault will be over in a matter of minutes. But Hugo (Alberto Ammann), the prison director, refuses to comply and prepares to resist the attack. His only help will be a few officials under his command and... the psychiatric inmates themselves. A long night of siege and violence begins for Hugo and his people.

Alberto Ammann
Luis Callejo
José Luis García Pérez
Fran Berenguer
David Solans
César Mateo
Jean Cruz
Adolfo Fernández
Roman Rymar
Maria Caballero
Bárbara Goenaga
Roberto Álamo
Daniel Albaladejo
Cecilia Freire
Lucía Díez
Laia Manzanares
Huichi Chiu

Showrunners: Xose Morais and Victor Sierra
Directors: Oscar Pedraza and Moisés Ramos
Executive Producer: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson
Production Designer: Rubén Liñán
Cinematographers: Sergi Bartroli and Curro Ferreira
Art Director: Manuel Ludeña
Costume Designer: Miguel Apresa
Makeup: Elena Cuevas
Hair Stylist: Mamen Peña
Sound: Fabio Huete
Editing: Raúl Mora
Composer: Julio de la Rosa