In light of the amount of proposals that are presented chaotically in our city during the off  circuit, it is necessary to set a new basis and bet clearly on the quality of new talents from the contemporary creation, which are, with no doubt, the future of the theatrical industry. Many creators, playwrights, stage designers, costume designers, illumination designers and directors have passed through Kubik as a platform to stand their projects up, and many of them have leaped to spaces with great reputation, where they have gained success from critiques and the public.

LaZonaKubik aims to route this work in a more clear and efficient way with an integral project that allows to extend the creative processes, in order to favour investigation and an improvement in the quality of the shows. The creators, unfortunately, jump from one place to another without the possibility of creating their own identity as artists and strengthen their career. It is necessary to promote the consolidation of these professionals in a proyect that allows them to develop their potential and to be able to share it with other artists, and, more importantly, with the public.