The term globalization seems to have been around relatively recently, but trade relations across the globe have been going on for as long as humanity has existed: ancient Greece and its expansion as a military force, travel to the East from the 13th century onwards, the Industrial Revolution with the creation of much more efficient means of transport, the creation of the internet and new technologies... Today the world is much smaller, but the global village began a long, long time ago. There is a tendency to emphasize the difference between countries from one side of the world to the other, although on a planet built on a common tower of cards, every event has repercussions on each one of us, no matter how far away we are geographically. The private is no longer private and every intimate event can affect the whole world.

We may be players in a planetary basketball game without even knowing it. RUN [never fall alive] is a story about globalization. With multiple characters, moving us from comedy to the most tragic biting through narrative and humor, we will delve into the colossal human contradictions and miseries to which an unstoppable force such as globalization leads us. Nothing more theatrical than the contradictory. Globalization: a fact too big to ignore.

Co-produced by LAZONA, Teatros del Canal and TiDi.

Pablo Béjar
David Castillo
Zaira Montes
Silvia de Pé
Almudena Puyo
Lucía Trentini

Author and Director: Jose Padilla

Stage Design: Eduardo Moreno

Wardrobe: Vanessa Actif

Lightning Design: Pau Fullana

Sound Design: Sandra Vicente

Vocals and Percussion: Lucía Trentini

Director Assistant: Sabela Alvarado

Movement: José Juan Rodríguez

Basketball Coach: Jesús Sala

Production Director: Miguel Cuerdo

Executive Producer: Jair Souza-Ferreira

Production Assistants: Elisa Fernández / Sara Brogueras

Graphic Design and Photographs: Javier Naval

Technical Director: Fernando Díaz

Communication and Distribution: Pepa Rebollo

Communication and Distribution Assistant: Ana López-Rúa
Acknowledgements: La Manso Jewelry


Pepa Rebollo

Julio Municio

Luis Muñoz Díez – Tarántula
José Miguel Vila – Diario Crítico
Fernando Muñoz – Vista teatral