Spanish Affairs

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Rafa is a typical Sevilian man that has never had to leave the south of Spain to get the only things he cares about in life: Spanish sherry, brilliantine and women. Until one day everything changes when he sees the first woman who can resist all of his charms: Amaia, a Basque.
Rafa, resolute to conquer her, travels north to a small town deep in Basque country, where he will have to play the part of a Basque himself so that Amaia pays attention to him.


Clara Lago: Amaia
Dani Rovira: Rafa
Carmen Machi: Merche
Karra Elejalde: Koldo


Producers: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Ghilain Barrois, Álvaro Augustin
Executive producers: Javier Ugarte, David Naranjo, Koldo Zuazua
Director, Emilio Martínez-Lázaro
Screenplay: Diego San José and Borja Cobeaga
Production Manager: Paloma Molina
Director of Photography: Kalo Berrido
Editing: Ángel H. Zoido
Art Director: Juan Botella
Sound: Antonio Rodríguez “Mármol”
Costume designer: Lala Huete
Make-up artist: Almudena Fonseca
Hair stylist: Carmen Veinat


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