Remember Me

CLAUDE, an elderly widower who lives alone and is disenchanted with his only daughter, learns that Lillian, the true love of his life, with whom he had a brief but very passionate love affair many years ago, has Alzheimer’s and is living now in a nursing home.

He goes to visit her and, after seeing that she’s lonely and not looked after with enough love and affection, he decides to fake his way into the nursing home to be with her, without telling anyone in his family, only a next-door neighbour and friend, equally elderly, who becomes his “partner in crime”. 


Bruce Dern
Caroline Silhol
Brian Cox
Sienna Guillory
Serena Kennedy
Verónica Forqué
Ben Temple


Director: Martín Rosete
Guionistas: Rafa Russo y Martín Rosete
Productores: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, David Naranjo, Martín Rosete, Atit Sha, Jean Louis Livi
Productores Ejecutivos: Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Eva Léon
Director de Producción: Ernesto Chao
Director de Fotografía: Jose Martín Rosete
Directora de Arte: Ángela Nahum
Figurinista: Javier Bernal
Sonido: Álvaro López /Fabiola Ordoyo
Música: Pascal Gaigne


Trini Solano