Black tenderness

A theatre author and director obsessed with María Estuardo’s figure has settled in a tent by the Tutbury castle, where the queen spent most of her captivity. His intention is to communicate with the ghost of the tragic and last queen of Scotland. Freezing inside his tent, the author directs an actress and an actor, who are rehearsing in their rickety, flooded attic through Skype.


Esther Bellver
Fernando Cayo
Joan Carles Suau.


Text and direction: Denise Despeyroux
Scenography: Alejandro Andújar
Illumination: Pedro Yagüe
Costume design: Ana López Cobos
Sound design: Sergio Garcy
Graphic design: Joan Carles Gómez
Executive production: Carne Viva/Rotura Producciones