TOC TOC (Available on DVD and Blu-Ray)

A group of patients meet at a prestigious psychologist’s office. Besides the day and the time of their appointment, there is something else that binds them: the six of them have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). But the plane that is supposed to fly the doctor in becomes unexpectedly delayed, which forces them to share an endless wait until the doctor arrives. Will they be able to keep their manias, impulses, convulsions, obsessions and rituals at bay during the wait?


Paco León
Rossy de Palma
Alexandra Jiménez
Adrián Lastra
Óscar Martínez
Nuria Herrero
Inma Cuevas


Director: Vicente Villanueva
Screenplay: Vicente Villanueva
Producing companies: LAZONA, Atresmedia Cine, Wind Films AIE
Production manager: Rubén Liñán
Producers: Mikel Lejarza, Mercedes Gamero, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson
Executive Producers: David Naranjo, María Contreras
Art Director: Clara Ibarrola
Director of Photography: David Omedes
Editing: Alejandro Lázaro
Direct sound: Antonio Rodríguez “Mármol”
Sound editor: La Bocina
Music: Antonio Escobar
Make-up artist: Eli Adánez
Hair stylist: Sergio Pérez
Costume designer: Eva Arretxe
Casting: Juana Martínez


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