An american life

In the Theatre Galileo from 25 January 2018

The action is located in a campsite, outside of Minneapolis (USA), at the present time.

There, next to an old rented caravan, is Linda, accompanied by her mother Paloma, and her little sister Robin Rose.

It’s the Clarkson family. A Spanish family. Nothing, except for their names, differentiates them from the neighbors of their quarter: Tetuán. They have travelled to the USA to reunite with Warren: the American Paloma fell in love with in the Madrid of the 80s, the father of Linda and Robin Rose. The man who promised them an American life, but who abandoned them when Linda was a teenager, returning to his country of origin without leaving any trace other than his memory, country songs, the tradition of Thanksgiving and an Anglo-Saxon surname.


César Camino
Esther Isla
Vicky Luengo
Cristina Marcos



Text: Lucía Carballal
Director: Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez
Illumination Design: Luis Perdiguero
Scenography: Alessio Meloni
Costume Design: Guadalupe Valero
Music: Luis Miguel Cobo
Graphic Design and Photography: Javier Naval
Video: Rubén Hernández
Assistant Director: Antonio Escámez
Production Assistant: Sara Brogueras
Executive Production: Jair Souza-Ferreira / Elisa Fernández
Direction Manager: Miguel Cuerdo