Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson has a degree in Business Management and Administration from CUNEF and is a cinema and theatre producer in LAZONA. Since August of 2012 he is also the director of the ECAM School (Cinematography and Audiovisual School in Madrid). After his passing through the financial and automobile industries, he started his professional career in the audiovisual sector with TELEFÓNICA MEDIA, where he performed corporative development activities and collaborated in the formation of a musical and audiovisual content structure. He has also been employed in different positions in ANTENA 3 TV as financial director of MEGATRIX and in the Chairman’s Cabinet. In 2003, he and his brother Ignacio Salazar-Simpson founded the cinema and theatre producing company LAZONA, and he presided the State Cinema Association (AEC) until September 2012.



Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano is licensed in Law, has an MBA from the IE Business School and a Master Degree in the Peter Stark Producing Program of the South University in California. He has previously worked in several companies from the audiovisual industry, special reference to Telecinco Cinema, where he was the Business Affairs Director for eight years, and executive and line producer of many successes, such as “Agora”, “The Impossible” and “Spanish Affairs”, among others. Jaime joined LAZONA as partner and managing director in January 2016.



Miguel Cuerdo started his trajectory in the Performing Arts as an actor. He soon learned to balance performing with theatrical management, which he started considering more and more as a career. With the company “El Baúl”, he founded the theatre “Gurdulú” and directed the Equinoccio Festival for four years. After this experience, he threw himself into show production, created his own producing company and became a part of the Classical Theatre National Company and the National Dramatic Centre production teams. After several years in public producing units, his eagerness to confront new challenges took him back to the private sector as Production Manager in LAZONA, where he still continues to develop his idea of a creative producer.



Rubén Liñán studied Information Science (Image and Sound), and started his professional trajectory inside the audiovisual sector in 1995 developing various tasks and positions in the production department of several producing companies and cinematographic projects, such as “Black Tears”, “Don’t Tempt Me”, “Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer”, “The Nautical Chart” and “Scorpion in Love”. After collaborating with LAZONA as freelance Chief Producer in many of its projects, such as “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Spanish Affairs”, he joined the team definitively in 2015, becoming Production Manager in the Cinema area.



Being formed as an Administrative Specialist Technician and Commercial Agent, Sara Brogueras worked for many years in the administration department in Sacyr, S.A.U. In 2010, she joined the theatre area in LAZONA FILMS, where she takes care of billing, employment and acting contracts, and various administration tasks.



Licensed in Audiovisual Communication and with a Cinema and Televisión Master Degree in Production, Eva León started working in 2002 as a freelance production coordinator in feature films such as “Road to Santiago”, “Cell 211”, “The Consul of Sodom”, “To Hell with the Ugly”, “Ispansi!”, “Lo contrario al amor”, “Miel de Naranjas” and “Off Course”. She joined LAZONA in 2015 to work in the Cinema area as Production and Postproduction coordinator.



Being a technician in audiovisual shows and productions, Elisa Fernández began her career as Road Manager of various bands and music production assistant at many festivals. In the year 2000, she began to work as company manager on the tours of many theatrical functions, until she joined J.M. Flotats’ company. She has developed regency tasks in the “Fernán Gómez” Theatre, in CNTC and at the CDN over the last years. She joined the theatre production team of LAZONA in 2009, and she coordinates the production of the trilogy in the “Teatro de la Ciudad” (Edipo Rey, Medea and Antígona).



Jair Souza-Ferreira started his professional career in the year 2002 as councillor/manager in various productions, such as “The Prince and the Showgirl”, “Trampa para un hombre solo” and “Crisis”. In 2006, he joined Premier Comunicación as Production Chief. He developed distribution and production tasks in tours for the Pentación producing company. In December 2012, he entered the Theatre production area in LAZONA, and since then, he has participated in productions such as “Babel”, “Las criadas”, “El manual de la buena esposa”, “La respiración”, “Tamaño familiar” and “Más apellidos vascos”, among others.



Licenced in Information Science (Journalism) and with a Marketing Online Master Degree, Pepa Rebollo started her professional career in the Efe Agency, but she spent most of her trajectory as a writer in the Society and Culture sections of the Tiempo magazine. In 2010, she joined the editors team in the Público newspaper, and since 2012 she works for many producing companies, where she coordinates the communication and distribution tasks. She balances her job as a journalist with her editorial job as an orthotypographic and style proofreader. She joined LAZONA Theatre in 2016, where she is responsible for communication and tours.