Nacho’s a photographer. Pilar, a journalist. They hate each other. But when they’re sent to cover the story of Olmo, a guru who solves relationship crises of couples doing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, they’re forced to pretend to be a couple. In their 6-day adventure across Galicia, our two antagonists get mixed up in all kinds of ridiculous, hilarious and even romantic situations. Everyone knows that until you reach Santiago, anything can happen.


Fernando Tejero: Nacho
Malena Alterio: Pilar
Javier Gutiérrez: José
Diego Peretti: Olmo
Javier Mora: Antonio
Cristina Alcázar: Bea
Jorge Monje: Fran
Luis Callejo: Arturo
Alberto Jo Lee: Kim
Ma-Anne Valmeo: Sum
Irene Escolar: Laura
Ana Milán: Inma


Director: Roberto Santiago
Screenplay: Javier Gullón, Roberto Santiago. Based on the play by Alain Smithee
Producing companies: LAZONA, A3 Films, Zircozine
Executive producers: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Pepe Torrescusa
Producers: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Ignacio Salazar Simpson, Tedy Villalba, Mercedes Gamero
Coproducers: Farruco Castroman, Eladio Pérez Díez
Production manager: Teresa Cepeda
Production assistant: Ana Parra
Assistant director: David Pareja
Director of photography: Juan Antonio Castaño, AEC
Art directors: Soledad Seseña, Jaime Anduiza
Editing: Angel Armada
Music: Juanjo Valmorisco, Ana Villa
Content manager: Cristina Gil
Costume designer: Cristina Rodríguez
Make-up artist: Almudena Fonseca
Hair stylist: Alicia López


ABC El Semanal, 29 de marzo de 2009
Fotogramas, abril de 2009


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