Ñ Theatre

In the last years, LAZONA is supporting the alive Spanish dramaturgy, both by producing spectacles and designing activities destined to support, promote and spread our authors.

We are in very direct contact with the dramaturges that are active right now and we try to help them lead their ways into the current theatrical panorama and make a living with their writing. All this so that they can continue to nourishing our already credited theatrical legacy.

In March 2016 LAZONA and the SGAE Foundation, in collaboration with BVNplaywrights, organized the I Dramaturgies Shuttle with the purpose of presenting theatrical texts from various emergent Spanish authors to producers, directors and exhibitors. This idea is born from the need to contribute to the maintenance of the current theatrical panorama, as well as to support the authors that are already working and that we would like could continue to do so.


The Dramaturgy Tournament has the main goal of fostering the coming together of our dramaturges and the audiences. In it, a total of eight will confront each other in pairs until the champion is appointed. It consists of three rounds: Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and the Final. In each combat, two texts will be read, and the public, with its vote, will determine the winner.

The texts that will be presented have been created on purpose for the Tournament, and have an approximate length of 45 minutes and two characters.

This experience, designed by Jordi Casanovas, has been running for six years in the Girona Festival “Temporada Alta”, and now reaches Madrid for the first time with LAZONA with a clearly ludic aim. The public’s participation is essential, given that their votes will decide which text reach the Final. We will certainly be privileged spectators for being able to attend the first reading of texts written by great authors.